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​RELENTLESS was formed on January 8, 2012 through the merging of two churches: Sanctuary of Praise and Word of Life Outreach Center. We came together for three reasons; to form a stronger church, to allow them to have greater ministry, and to show unity among churches in our community.

The name RELENTLESS was chosen to express the attitude both churches lived out over the years as they went through struggles that would cause many to throw in the towel. Both churches persevered and kept pushing forward. It also represents the feelings of our God who relentlessly pursues us even when we choose to go in a different direction from Him. Now we want to be known as a group of people who are relentlessly in pursuit of God's heart and the people He loves so much!

RELENTLESS takes an informal approach to church which means we aren't concerned with external looks, but with applying the grace of Jesus to one another as we passionately worship, teach, and serve others. Basically, we just want to show the world the love of Jesus in a real and tangible way by loving each other the way He would. We're real people and you can be yourself here!

Each week we gather together to love each other and to grow into the people God created us to be. We believe the Word of God is ALIVE and it changes us as we walk in its Truth! We also believe that the Holy Spirit gives us access to the power needed to live fully abundant lives here on earth.  

Our weekly worship is fresh, exciting, and it reveals what God is doing right now throughout the Body of Christ. We love to worship passionately and freely, so you can express your love to God in whatever way you feel like.

We believe that in our Essential Beliefs, there should be unity, Ephesians 4:4-6. In Non-Essential Beliefs, there should be liberty, Romans 14:1, 4, 12. In All Our Beliefs, there should be a maintaining of love toward each other, 1 Corinthians 13:2. 

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Joe & Lindsay Shuman

Lead Pastors

Joe and Lindsay came back to Akron from Colorado to lead and love on the people here in 2017. They have a heart for missions around the world and are always looking for an adventure! They have been married for 20 years and are raising three amazing kids. Their desire is to see the hearts of this generation be awakened with the relentless love of Jesus! "Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." Ephesians  5:14


Greg Walker

Outreach Pastor

Greg has been lovingly serving the people of Akron since 1988. He heads up our Jericho Inn Outreach every month and makes sure that over 100 families receive food and clothing. He also ministers weekly to the homeless community, delivers food to shut-ins and meets any need he sees. His heart is to "go into the highways and the byways and compel them, so that my house may be full." (Luke 14:23) His passion for the lost, love for the Word and desire to be Jesus in a Greg suit is why we are so blessed to call him family.


Kristina Jackson
Operations Director

Krissy is the jack-of-all-trades at Relentless. She is our administrative genius, volunteer coordinator and event planner. She gives her heart and soul every day to make sure that everything runs smoothly around here. Her desire is to reach the city of Akron in every way that we can and to inspire others to use all the gifts and talents that God has given them! She is passionate, creative and in daily pursuit of the heart of God. 

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