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We are a church that loves to give

Our heart is to build the community up, help each other out with basic needs, and provide free services when someone is going through a difficult time. We have staff that are eager to help you through whatever you're facing. We also support missions locally and internationally each month! 


We believe that partnering with God to reach this city is a great honor. Tithing is a way to entrust the God who mutliplied the bread and fishes with our 10%. He's so good and trustworthy that we continually see how He takes our little and does immeasurable things! 

We have a lot of different ways you can get involved! Click the icon above to email Krissy or see our Connect Desk on Sunday to sign up for our next Foundations Class to jump right in! It's so fun to get involved!

We feed over 300 families a month through our Outreach. We are always looking for partners who would give $10 a month. Will you consider joining us in reaching the families of Akron? Click the icon that above and choose "Jericho Inn" to donate today!


We have so many different ways that you can give: Tithe Envelope, Online and even Text to Give! Each way is totally safe and secure. We get to partner with Heaven when we give and see amazing things happen in this city! Thank you for investing in what God is doing here at Relentless!

We are asking for partners in a few areas:

Missions - $10 Partners per month

Kids Ministry - $10 Partners per month

Verge Youth - $10 Partners per month

Jericho Inn - $10 Partners per month

For just a $10 a week you can meet all the extra needs we have!

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